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Our Services

Tenant Find Only service or a Full Management service.

In either case, our prices are very competitively placed in the market and offer good value for money, along with a service we are proud of. We aim to stay away from the much-maligned practices of charging landlords and tenants for services which do not add value to our business relationship.

Our most popular service is the Long Lease with Full Management and Guaranteed Rent with Option to Buy.

Under this, we offer
• Complete hands-off service to our landlord clients
• Long Lease offering of 2-5 years
• Guaranteed rent for the length of the lease
• An option to purchase your property during this term.
• We look after all maintenance tasks at your property and
• We also aim to deal with all major issues too through your current insurance policy
• We will also deal with most emergencies, through our own Emergency insurance policy.

We can work just like a high street agent to sell your property – just without the same price tag.

We also have a database of ready buyers, who may be able to make a quick offer on your property if it matches their requirements.

If you are looking to rent a property for now with the aim to buy it at a later date, we can assist you with that too.  We can help you purchase a property with very low deposit and you can move in straightaway.

Enjoy our features

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